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About HDTD

The starting point for designing is research of material, yarns, technics and finishes. The use of the possibilities of a production facility is a given, limits are often a challenge to come to a new and innovative material. Often prototypes are made in the studio, the actual design proces in often done through weaving. Other times the developments are done in the production facility it self together with the designers from the company. Last step of the development is coloration of the new qualities.

Development of yarns is a smaller part of the business but certainly not unimportant. At lot of research is done in yarn, this to create new looks and be able to use different more unusual combinations. In the studio is a large archive of all different yarns in numerous sizes and raw materials.

Depending on the wishes and demands of our clients, our work varies from the development of new yarns to new warp set-ups, new set-up of the loom(s), new constructions, finishing methods, color ways and designs.

Hélène Dashorst

The studio of Hélène Dashorst is specialized in designing woven interior textiles.

We develop  curtains, transparents, semi-transparents, upholstery fabrics, wall covering, rugs, carpet (wall to wall), packing material, color lines.